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Product Description:

  • This ongoing series, continuing the novelized history of the Soka Gakkai, begins with Shin'ichi Yamamoto, now the third president, embarking on his first trip outside Japan - to America - to fulfill his mentor's lofty vision of worldwide kosen-rufu.

    Chapter Summary:
  • Chapter 1: Sunrise
  • October 2, 1960 At the Tokyo Haneda International Airport, Shin'ichi Yamamoto, off on his first visit overseas, on his journey for peace to North and South America

    Chapter 2: A New World
  • Shin'ichi Yamamoto arrives in San Francisco, California for the first time

    Chapter 3: Golden Autumn
  • October 6, Shin'ichi and the other leaders from Japan arrive in Seattle, Washington

    Chapter 4: Light of Compassion
  • Shin'ichi Yamamoto's flight from Toronto arrived shortly after 2:00 p.m. at New York's Idlewild (now John F. Kennedy) International Airport

    Chapter 5: Pioneers
  • On October 18, destined for Sao Paulo, Brazil, on October 22, Shin'ichi and his party traveled from New York to Los Angeles, California.